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"(tiny deaths) inhabit their blissed-out corduroy soundscapes like a sweater while writing lyrics practically torn from diary entries, exposing raw emotions like they were under lock and key." -American Songwriter

"tiny deaths make a polished, soaring brand of brooding" -Stereogum

"The difference between tiny deaths and most indie groups of their ilk is like the difference between Pellegrino and Sprite." Passion of the Weiss

"(tiny deaths) create layered tracks that are lush with texture but still dreamy enough to feel like the soundtrack to late-night brainstorming." -Bitch Magazine   

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tiny deaths is a Los Angeles, CA based project making moody, dreamy pop. Listening to tiny deaths is like taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminiscing on those hazy memories of warm summer evenings. Like etchings in an old scrapbook, unfiltered hues and muted tones exude a fondness and familiarity, allowing you to see the beauty in all things. 


tiny deaths is the moniker of singer/songwriter Claire de Lune In tiny deaths, bass, lush soundscapes and rich, soulful vocals unite to form a wholly alive and fresh take on the dream-pop genre, bringing to mind bands like Phantogram, Beach House, and Purity Ring. Known for penning breakup songs, de Lune’s music often touches on pain - whether it’s heartache, growing pains, nostalgia or bittersweetness, the songwriter creates thematically darker songs, but delivers them through an ethereal and celestial lens. 



tiny deaths has seen success receiving numerous notable syncs including Atypical (Netflix series), MTV, ABC and most recently with a placement in the video game Tell Me Why. She has also been featured in publications such as Billboard, Stereogum, The Guardian, Bust Magazine and Bitch Magazine. Having performed alongside acts like Sleigh Bells, Glass Animals, How to Dress Well, tiny deaths is an unstoppable force that you’ll be hearing a lot more from. “Enough," the new single, is out August 25th on Golden State Entertainment

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